Prefab home Romainiu st. 65M, Kaunas

grey modul home
Modul home EX25.3
Prefab house Romainių g. 65S, Kaunas


Energy class

Prefabricated wooden element construction. High-quality materials.


Square meters

4/4 bedrooms. 2/2 bathrooms. 2/2 floors.

1100 €

Per square meter (with taxes)

The construction price of the house includes partial finishing.

More details

Prefab home Romainiu st. 65M, Kaunas: an exceptional and unique two families semi-detached house. Built from prefabricated wooden elements with high-quality ecological material. Slated stone and clinker tiles are used for the facade. Prefab house production time in the factory is up to a month and assembled on-site in 2-3 weeks.

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