Nature and ecology

Environmental-friendly and healthy

Your Eco modular home will naturally blend with its natural environment. Eco-friendly materials will provide you with a healthy space to live in.

You can choose your eco modular home out of several different sizes. High quality guarantees sustainability and comfort.

Eco modular homes make dreams to settle comfortably in nature come true. You and your family may enjoy your own eco-friendly space in the forest, on a hill, in the mountains, by the seaside or elsewhere.

Moments with your family in nature will be filled with joy, happiness and pleasure. Imagine spending time where soft wind flows, waking up in the morning where birds sing or going to bed with the gentle songs of cicadas. Your children will enjoy playing outdoors next to your eco modular home. These moments will be your most appreciated.

Eco modular homes. Details


Customisable look

The roof structure is produced from timber and Knauf mineral wool, in accordance with EU regulations. The roof thickness of our houses is 200mm. The roof finish can vary from grass roof, clay tiles to wood. Thermal insulation reaches U=0.18(W/m²k)


Made of timber

The walls are produced from timber and Knauf mineral wool, in accordance with EU regulations. The wall thickness of our houses is 200mm with eco cladding used for wall finish. Wall thermal insulation reaches U=0.18(W/m²k)


Warmth and silence

Wooden windows are manufactured in Lithuania. Built from selected wood, they include 3 layers of glass, with thermal insulation of up to U=0.83 (W/m²k)

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